Can Big Tech disrupt the global economy?

If you’re like me, you may remember that bygone era when Americans rolled up to drive-through windows and exchanged money with live bank tellers. Then ATMs arrived and forever altered the banking industry. …

Realpolitik and the double-standard of pandemic stockpiling

I will always remember the day the COVID-19 pandemic became real to me. I was standing in the checkout line at Costco with a case of facial tissue to fill in for toilet paper. When I got to the checker, he confirmed my fears.

“Toilet paper’s all gone. If I…

When it comes to data privacy, the US government holds the winning hand

On November 18th, sometime sparring partners Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook laid down their boxing gloves to tour a facility in Austin, Texas that assembles Macs. For Cook, the tour was an opportunity to showcase Apple’s activities at the three-year-old plant. Trump, apparently, had other ideas. …

Heather Havens

I am a thinker, writer, and sometime activist who writes about data privacy, technology, mental health, and entertainment, as well as the occasional novel.

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